the what

DRCAT (pronounced as Doctor CAT) complements Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control by harvesting its data and running analytics on top of it to produce meaningful actionable information for efficient and effective IT compute resource management for improved ROI. It makes you more proactive than reactive to your IT infrastructure challenges.

DRCAT helps you uncover insights that improve operational efficiency at the same time reduce your CAPEX and OPEX increasing your ROI on Database Infrastructure. Infrastructure Asset management helps drive more value from your data. Get instant insights from real-time operational data. Run it within secured on-premise network for your on-premise and cloud database infrastructure. Work effectively and collaborate easily with all relevant technology and financial teams within your enterprise.

the why

Changing Workload

Do you wonder how workload is changing in your databases and which database could cause next production issue?

One of the biggest challenges managing large database environment is to keep a tab on how your database workload are changing and could potentially result in next production issue potentially impacting your critical business.

DRCAT analyzes database performance metrics and shows how database workload is changing so you can be proactively engaging right groups and resources to address any impending issues before it impacts your business.


Proactively Resolve Performance issues

You get called for an application slowdown only to find out a SQL response time changed.

Remember being called on to a production support call with 10s of stakeholders waiting for DBA to come and enlighten them why their application is running slow. And DBA figures out that a well-behaved SQL has gone rogue with a changed execution plan. With several sessions executing the culprit SQL, the application has come to a grinding halt.

DRCAT analyzes SQLs for their change in response time and forewarn you of SQLs that are performing worse so you can proactively engage application team to work on a solution to fix it before it turns enterprise dashboard RED.

External Influencer

Wondering which neighbor is taking up all resources in a Multi-tenancy.

Challenge one faces with multi-tenancy is to pick and choose good application neighbors. Whether you do server consolidation running multiple database instances or database consolidation with container databases, chances are you will run into this issue sooner or later.

DRCAT quickly helps you identify the instance, PDB or even SERVICE that is consuming high resources and could potentially be impacting others in multi-tenancy environment. Once you identify WHO is causing the issue, you can drill-down to the SQL level and see WHY and take corrective action to fix the issue.


Get Insights Into Business Transactions

What if you could see which SQL within a business transaction contributed to missed SLA?

Application and business team look at SLAs from a business transaction perspective and not purely from a worse performing SQL perspective. Tracing business transaction performance calls for instrumentation of application code, which is a time consuming and expensive proposition. What if you can achieve this without touching your code?

Mitigate Production Outage

Last thing you want is a production outage due to storage space issue?

How embarrassing it gets when your business application errors out due to storage space issue. This could be due to any reasons; space alerts didn’t come or were missed or application stopped purging their data or they started loading more data than usual. All these can be avoided.

DRCAT runs predictive analytics and tells you when your ASM Instance or Disk group will run out of space, well 18 months out in the future. It also tells you which databases are growing faster in terms of their storage consumption so you can proactively address the growth issue or provision storage well in-time to mitigate any risk. DRCAT analyze data growth at object level for much deeper understanding.


Reduce Your CAPEX & OPEX

Are you over-provisioned or under-provisioned? Both has its down-side?

Provisioning your compute and storage infrastructure is very critical for the success of your business. Provisioning it RIGHT is even more important. You over-provision and you increase your CAPEX & OPEX. You under-provision and Risk your business.

DRCAT provides deep infrastructure insights for cost optimization and to reduce your CAPEX & OPEX. With DRCAT see your resources are being consumed, where you have opportunities for server and database consolidation. Use our robust predictive models to forecast your compute and storage needs.

One Tool

Can Managers, DBAs and application team use the same tool?

Most of the technical tools are too technical for the high-level managers to use as their focus is more on big picture and not technical nitty-gritty. Application developers and DBAs are mostly looking for granular technical details to troubleshoot and resolve production issues.

What if you get the big picture with the ability to drill-down all the way to the SQL that could be causing the issue? What if there is one tool for Managers, DBAs and Developers?


Spend More Time Analyzing

Challenged with 80/20 analytics rule

More often than not you spend time collecting and organizing data and less time analyzing it, and then the scope changes and you are back to collecting more data.

With DRCAT, you spend more time analyzing the data and less time collecting the data. Quickly view data on single page for quick and easy analysis. Do side-by-side performance comparison of database running on different versions to see how your upgrades are impacting application performance. DRCAT also help you do side-by-side SQL performance comparison to identify root cause of performance deviation.

Improve Collaboration

Team-work always wins, how about improving collaboration between DBAs and application developers

Application developers can always provide insights into tuning their application code for scalability and high performance, after all its data and they understand it much better. Developers working closely with DBAs make a winning team to deliver high performing, scalable and robust applications. It also helps DBA get domain expertise, much needed at Montserrat-Regular, to troubleshoot application issues.

DRCAT facilitates improved collaboration between application developers and DBAs. DBAs now can share the database performance insights with application developers without any anxiety.


the how

Best way to see the value add of the product is to evaluate with your own data and so we offer you…

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