the what

Oracle instrumented their database kernel to collect performance data at regular intervals to help diagnose performance issues. This data is collected in AWR (Automatic Workload Repository), a built-in repository that exists in every Oracle Database and is available for use with Oracle Enterprise Manager Diagnostic Pack.

Firefly for Oracle, the AWR & ASH Analytics Tool is designed to gather, store and analyze AWR & ASH (Active Session History) data from Oracle databases deployed on-premise and in CLOUD to provide deep performance insights for Server and Databases.

the why

Deep performance

Identify resource contention, bottlenecks and Top SQLs contributing to application slowness. Drill-down from the server running hot to the database instance and right to the sql that could potentially be causing the issue. Quickly corelate several key performance metrics to see their impact.

Be more proactive,
prevent incidents

Who wouldn’t love to be ahead of the curve and proactively prevent incidents that could potentially impact your critical business applications?

Firefly for Oracle helps you to proactively address any impending issue. Keep you abreast of the changing workload of your databases so you are not caught by surprise with situation going completely out of control.

Quick performance

You wonder what changed between good day and not so good day.

Firefly for Oracle let’s you do a quick side-by-side comparison of SQL performance within same database, but also between different databases. Compare performance between different instances of database, between different databases for different time periods to identify root cause for performance variance.

Robust Predictive

Firefly for Oracle has robust predictive analytics model to forecast database storage usage at the database level and even object level. View with confidence which of your database objects are growing fast and what you can expect them to be at in next 12-18 months timeframe.

Data Access

Wondering how your application data is being accessed, which SQLs are running against your data? Very important and valuable information when it comes to moving, purging, consolidating or changing data.

Firefly for Oracle provides an in-depth view of your database access patterns.


Success is a team effort and great success is a result of great team effort.

Firefly for Oracle enables improved collaboration between DBAs, application developers and architects for a more cohesive effort in developing, maintaining and managing your business applications.

Spend More Time Analyzing and less time gathering data

80% of data analysis time is spent in collecting and organizing data and only 20% is spend on actually analyzing it.

Firefly for Oracle does the heavy lifting for you so you can spend more productive time analyzing data with focus on finding corrective action. Investigating root cause analysis require looking at data from different perspective within different time frames and this is where Firefly for Oracle excels.

Centrally manage your
performance data

Managing performance data in silos has more disadvantages than advantages. Collecting, storing and analyzing performance data centrally opens up new horizons for data analysis.

With Firefly for Oracle, you can retain your performance data for longer periods of time without adversely impacting the size of your databases.

the how

Best way to see the value add of the product is to evaluate with your own data and so we offer you…

90 Day Trial